Monday, 27 February 2012

26 Inventive Typographic Logos – Play With Words!

Typographic logos are used for companies whose name is inimitable and exclusive. With clever use of fonts, you can facilitate the target audience in remembering your brand identity. For instance, The Coca-Cola logo has reinforced its corporate identity by employing an exclusive and distinctive typographic logo. Similarly, FedEx logo is also a brilliant example of typography in logo design. By skillfully using the fonts, the designer has incorporated an arrow between ‘E’ and ‘x’ to signify progress and continuous growth.

To provide you with inspiration on how typography can be cleverly used in logo design, here are 26 fresh and inventive typographic logos:


21 Best Contemporary Worldwide City Logo Designs

First of all, this sort of logos originate from the old city heraldics, and they still have a strong resemblance to them: when designing a city logo one should be aware that, much like in the old heraldics, each visual element is expected to be a symbol for something related to the city, and that this logo will become the image of the city and it should be very effective in essentializing its main features or its general cultural representation.

In this article we will be looking at some highly professionally designed or redesign logos and we’ll be comparing them with the old symbols that they started from – just to make the process of modernizing them more visible and to show how a historical symbol can be re-evaluated and successfully used in modern logo design. Finally, if your city/town is not listed here or there is no current modern logo for it, how would you make it look like?