Tuesday, 23 August 2011

5 Major Trends in Web Logo Design

The Critical design and logos for companies on the web and launching a search is endless fascination for many of us. Over the years we have seen enough ups come and go (and renaming and merging) to fill a volume with how and how not to develop and execute a logo for an Internet business.

He also took a little knowledge about trends in this area. Some trends are good, some bad. Others are simply too much, which is the sad scenario of all. We like to design something good or pushing typography in excess in a few months, but it happens all the time, unfortunately.

In this work, we identified five trends in Web design company logo. I hope you see here a few that apply to start-ups and web applications, we write about every day. And, of course, we have included some practical examples as a sort of field guide to the logos of the web.

Take a look, and let us know what you think of these trends – and what are the trends that should be included – in the comments.

Speech Bubbles and Megaphones
If the social web applications are all about communication, then it is logical that many company logos social web is all about. We see less logos revolve around listening (if you can see the giant logo of the ear in nature, let us know), but there are many megaphones and bubbles.

Kawaii Illustration
Calling all creatures of the forest: You are asked via the Internet. In fact, the only time they were more in demand now than it was when Disney was saccharine of “Princess” movies.

Why are these wide-eyed, lovable creatures make their way into the logo design? The applications are for adults, right? Especially applications such as Seesmic, a powerful web application control panel for power users and business, and GitHub, an industry standard for hosting source code.

We do not know exactly how, when and why kawaii is back in the logo design company would, but with the logos of this beautiful, who are we to complain?

Scripts, Slabs and Other Cool Fonts
Say it with me: “I will not use Archer for a web company’s logo design.”

Archer and his henchmen have been used successfully in the past two years in a series of memorable Web logos. That said, the Year of the slab is certainly not complete. In fact, it is a time of traditional Gregorian year at this point. Slab Serif Fonts – fonts if they are unique – are still a viable alternative for the summer, makes no auctions logos, and the Web community still like.

That said, a good script can be one of the liveliest juicy, the unexpected choice of the logo, however, especially if your logo is only typographical. Rephoria use my favorite scripture, Candy, a swing-heavy number that is almost too voluptuous for the job, but it is still cutting a single word logo.

Remember: The use of more unusual sources for the logo design, containment and clarity are essential.

Color-Coordinated Compound Words
Start site names and logos are inextricably linked. We are a couple of years beyond the stage of a compound word (which was just before the most virulent tragic “missing voice” phase that has given rise to Internet companies with names like “packge” and “Clevrr”) but we left behind our love for the merger of two coordinating colors of the logos word agile.

This trick is one of the oldest in the book. It is used mostly for 1967 Vignelli Associates’ rebranding of American Airlines, the two words the name has become a logo of a word in red and blue.

Major Internet sites like Google and Facebook have inspired the design of the logo of a generation with its extreme simplicity. In many cases, these logos initial logo design and less legitimate “for the name of our inception in a single source and paste it on the web, we will deal with the later mark.”

The look in-a-name-sans-serif says his company has nothing to prove and that focus on promoting the product. If this is done, is a powerful statement. However, if poorly executed, seems hasty, careless youth and amateur.

Logos can also be a good excuse to play with fonts and exciting fashion treatments, such as seersucker or typographical becomes what to play in these days, thanks to CSS3.

The Essential Features of Contemporary Logos

With the passage of time, new and unique trends evolve. In order to cope up with the changing trends, contemporary logos are essential for every business. Contemporary logos are equipped with the traits of the modern logo designing trends and aim to differentiate the company identity. Moreover, contemporary logos signify that the company is up-to-date and promises to excel to new heights.

No doubt following previous industry design trends is helpful. But if your logo is designed on a similar pattern to an already existing logo, it becomes more or less monotonous. You company logo should be distinct and differentiable from your competitors. This is where a contemporary logo comes in handy. They exhibit the modernity and distinctness for a corporate entity.

Features of Contemporary Logos:

Contemporary logos are based on the modern and latest logo design trends. Following are the essential features of a contemporary logo:

As mentioned earlier, a contemporary logo must remain in line with the current trends of the logo design industry. Fonts play an integral part of any logo design, hence should be picked carefully. Modern and contemporary font styles like Helvetica and the Serif type fonts should be employed in order to give the logo a sleek and chic appearance.

Before selecting a symbol to use in a contemporary logo, one must realize the changing trends of the industry. The concept of keeping it simple and sweet is prevalent in the industry. Since there are millions of logos all across the corporate world, one must keep their logo design as simple as possible so that the customers may easily comprehend and recall it.

Contemporary colors are an obligation nowadays. Companies have to be careful of the color psychology and its effects on the customers. The color used in logos depends on the nature of the business. Contemporary colors include dark and sophisticated colors like blue, green and black.